Terms of Use

The terms and conditions include and define the rights and obligations of the customers of the online store operated by our company.


In order to use, navigate and place orders on our online store dreamfashions.gr, you must accept and agree to the following terms of use and sales. By using this, it is presumed that you have read, accepted and agreed to the following terms and conditions, which govern the contract between us: Big Brand Ltd and you, the customer.


2.1 If you are willing to buy product(s) from our online store, you will have to register and create a personal account.

2.2 The personal and any other data entailed in order to register must be true and accurate.
You are forbidden to use personal data of third parties (legal or natural persons).

2.3 As soon as you complete your registration, you will receive a confirmation message at the e-mail address you indicated.

2.4 The registered or any other user must abstain from any kind of behavior which may put in danger the operation of the online store.

2.5 All simple or/and registered users of www.dreamfashions.gr must act according to the law, to these terms and conditions, and the policies adopted and applied by our company, the regulations, directions, judgments and decisions of Independent or other Authorities, the Codes of Practice and in general, must act in good faith and according to good dealing and fair commercial practices.

2.6 Any attempt (act or omission) which may lead to or is aimed at installing viruses, or any other harmful programs on the server of the online store’s service or on the software/online platform/CMS is forbidden. Any attempt which may result in or contribute to interruption of the service or operation of the online store, of the system for placing orders, or to any other problems or malfunctions or damaged of any kind or extent, is forbidden.

2.7 It is prohibited to use this web site and online store to engage into or commit illegal activities.

2.8 Any actions violating property rights of our company (including but not limited to, Intellectual Property Rights, Copyright, patents, trade names etc.) are prohibited. Logos, images, distinctive titles, distinctive characteristics, graphics, signs, and trade names appearing on this site are owned either by our company or by other third parties (natural or legal persons). You are not given any permission or granted any license to use them in any way.

2.9 You are forbidden in any way to try to or access any confidential information of our company or personal data of other registered users.

2.10 You are forbidden to analyze and study the applications/ software/ platform/ web page you access in order to use the information derived there from, for your benefit or in a way which will violate our exclusive property and intellectual property rights on the service (hardware and software). Decompilation, reverse engineering, any compilation of the software-applications’ code, creation of derivative works from the CMS, ordering system or any other information system used by us, is strictly forbidden for any reason.

2.11a In case of violation of these terms and conditions, we hold the right to temporarily de-activate the user’s account and to give him a time limit within which he must comply with these conditions and stop the violation.

2.11b We hold the right to temporarily de-activate users’ account without incurring any liability by our side, if it is imposed by emergency security reasons, in order to protect consumers, if there is a lawful request by public authorities or in case, where technical reasons entail so.

2.11c If the user does not concurrently comply with these conditions, his account is permanently de-activated.

2.12 The user is committed to take all appropriate measures so that the service remains safe against any unauthorized, illegal or bad use and access, from attempt of or theft, sabotage. The user (registered or not) explicitly and expressly states that he is responsible and is held and can be held liable for any damage caused by intent, negligence or by bad use or omission to take appropriate measures for the protection of the systems, or due to his omission to use antivirus software in his computers or any other media he uses to access the service, or due to violation of the terms of this agreement.

2.13 By concluding the placement of the order and activating/pressing on the button with the indication “Confirm” – “order with obligation to pay” you have placed a proposal for the conclusion of a contract with our company. After you have placed the order and pressed the above button, an e-mail is sent to you containing the details of your order (product, costs etc.)

2.14 We will process your order for the products and we will accept your proposal to enter a contract by sending you a confirmation email indicating that the product(s) is available. In case, the product is not available; our company does not accept your proposal and sends you an email indicating the reason why we cannot accept your order.

2.15 Provided that the product is available and ready to be shipped, we ship the product and notify you with an e-mail containing the tracking number of the shipment.

2.16 We process and prepare the orders daily on Monday – Friday from 10.00-18.00 (Athens Time Zone).

2.17a The customer declares that he accepts the prices of the products as appearing on www.dreamfashions.gr and next to the product he chooses to buy, as well as the total amount of financial costs (e.g. taxes of any kind, shipment costs, and any other expenses etc.). We will make you aware of each financial cost in a clear and prominent manner.

2.17b Where the cost cannot reasonably be calculated in advance by us, we will notify you in a clear and prominent manner, that such additional charges may be payable. The customer agrees that by accepting these terms and conditions approves of any additional charges and costs.

2.17c Ifyou don’t agree with the total cost or the separate or additional charges to buy the product(s) you picked, YOU MUST NOT proceed to place the order and you MUST NOT activate the button “Confirm Order”.

2.17d After you have concluded the placement of the order, you will receive an email containing the details of your order and an analysis of the total charges.

2.18 We hold the right to change the prices of the product(s) at our sole discretion any time. We can place offers or discounts.


2.20 This contract and terms and conditions or any modification thereof are governed by and construed according to Greek Law.

2.21 Any dispute in relation to the above contract terms will be exclusively adjudicated by the courts of Rethymnon in Crete, Greece.

2.22 If any provision of this agreement is found to be illegal, invalid, and unenforceable, the remaining provisions are not affected or impaired thereby, are in full force and effect.

2.23 By accepting these terms and conditions, each user states that he has read them, has fully understood their content and commits to abide by them.

2.24 If you do not accept these terms of use it is impossible to register/create an account and to place and conclude orders in our online store.