E-shop return policy

Terms and conditions described in this policy are applied at all products purchased from the through website.

Order cancellation

When you place your order through the dreamfashions e- shop ( and for the dreamfashions range products, you have the option to cancel your order on the same day you placed it.
You have 14 days to change your mind.
If you change your mind, you can return the products you have ordered within 14 days, with your purchase receipt, your order form, your confirmation mail and your credit card stub (in case you have paid with you credit card). To return your products visit the nearest dreamfashions store. You can also place your request by completing the withdrawal form at For any information you need, you can contact us at 0030 28310 28837 and 0030 28315 05421.
If you cannot return the products you have bought from the dreamfashions online store (, our service partners can return them for you with an extra charge. The charge for your products transfer depends on your postal code and the product weight.
Regardless of the way you choose to apply for products return, the withdrawal request applies from the date you applied for the product withdrawal.
The products you wish to return must be in excellent condition and the package closed. You are responsible for the products return fee, unless the product falls within the guarantee issue due to defective construction. In case you open the product package, make sure to return it in excellent condition along with all its parts and accessories. You agree to maintain the products condition from the moment they are delivered to you until you deliver them at the dreamfashions store or to our service partners.

In case the products are not returned within 14 days, has the right to deny any return or product replacement. In any case the maximum return or replacement time limit cannot be extended more than 14 calendar days from the delivery date.
Besides the rights provided by the return policy, all consumer rights from the existing laws and ordinance regarding the sales agreement and any right coming up from the product guarantee terms, are applied.

Returned products delivery
In case you wish to return products because you changed your mind, you are charged with the immediate product return fee. The returned products pick up can take place only at the address you have stated for their delivery and which you have provided to us in writing.

You agree to provide with as many details as possible regarding the products delivery address, the floor, possible access difficulties for our service partners, elevators, narrow stairs et. In order to facilitate the delivery procedure you agree to provide suitable access at the delivery place.

If our service partners think the product delivery from your space, may cause damages at your property, they will inform you and write it on the delivery form. You can instruct our service partners to collect your products despite this recommendation, however we will not be responsible for any damage that can occur to your property or the products, given the fact the products collection will take place with extra caution and care.

You agree to give our service partners all products you wish to return, including all parts and accessories they are constituted of. During the products return you will sign a delivery form certifying the delivery took place. You will receive the delivery form from our service partners.

If you cannot be present during the product delivery, you can appoint a representative to complete the process for you. The representative must be over 18 years old and capable to supervise the product delivery instead of you.

Products return fee
If you meet the return conditions, we will refund the amount of your products value, the same way you made the original transaction (credit card, bank account deposit, PayPal), unless you wish another refund way, for which you must inform us in writing. Additionally, we will refund the amount you spend on transfer fees for the products you bought on our online dreamfashions store ( at your space.

Refund for the returning products will take place as soon as possible. In any case it will take place once you inform us in writing for the return request and once the products are delivered to us from our service partners.

Withdrawal right exceptions
Withdrawal right does not apply in the following cases:

a) goods provision or service supply which price depends on the financial market variation, that is not possible to be controlled and can occur within the withdrawal deadline.
b) goods provision constructed with your requirements as a consumer or clearly personalized.
c) goods provision which after the delivery, due to their nature are inextricably mixed with other items.